9904 Trolling Lure | Floating 130mm-32.5g, 185mm-60g, 225mm-76g

● Trolling Minnow Hard Lure

● Designed for large gamefish

● Stainless steel lip

● Fitted with Stainless balls for added noise attraction and weight

● Trolled at fast or slow speeds, trolled up to 12 Knots

● Through-wire internal construction

Model 9904
Length 130mm / 185mm / 225mm
Weight 32.5g / 60g / 76g
Action Floating

Product Codes:
NBL9904 130mm 32.5g nsb303, nsb302, nsb301, Pink
NBL9904 185mm 60g nsb303, nsb302, nsb301, Pink
NBL9904 225mm 76g nsb303, nsb302, nsb301, Pink


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