9494 | Floating 160mm-58g, 190mm-86g

● Surface Stickbait Pencil Hard Lure 

● With a long sweep of the rod tip the head ducks under with a splash, the water flows over the lure’s body causing a seductive body roll and ‘S’ wave action just underneath the surface

● The floating versions have the perfect balance to achieve that strike inducing ‘S’ shaped swimming motion

● With a design that replicates slender-bodied baitfish profiles like pilchards, mullet and sardines, the body shape is highly effective on all predatory species from far offshore to Saltwater

● Built from HD ABS plastic with an extra thick outer shell and stainless-steel metal plate for the ultimate in strength and durability

Model 9494
Length 160mm / 190mm
Weight 58g / 86g
Action Floating

Product Codes:
NBL9494 160mm 58g 122, 121, 118, 117, 120, 119
NBL9494 190mm 86g 122, 121, 118, 117, 120, 119


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