5449 | 4”9cm-9g

● Alive Bug 4″ Soft Lure

● Ribbed body, manufactured out of quality super soft durable PVC, provides perfect texture that fish hold on to for longer than comparable soft baits

● Clip off the “claws and antennas” and 5449 becomes a traditional double-tail creature bait

● Built around a beaver-inspired body, the 5449 moves massive amounts of water with two oversized claws, a ribbed construction, and flailing appendages, ensuring that it gets noticed in the dim lit environment beneath vegetation

● Perfect for pitching, flipping, and punching, the 5449 offers an unmatched versatility that allows it to also be used on the back of a vibrating jig and the back of a swing head jig

Model 5449
Length 9cm
Weight 9g
Hook 2/0 ~ 4/0 offset hook
Package 4pcs/bag

Product Codes:
206, 208, 211, 209, 203


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