3001L | 3″ 7.5cm-1.3g, 4″10cm-3g

● Swing Impact Soft Lure

● Well-known across the Pacific for putting big fish in the boat, the bait will catch unsuspecting bass off guard with its realistic action and bright, believable flash

● The bait delivers a deadly baitfish imitation with a fearsome flash to trick fish all over the globe into biting

● The bait features a brilliant foil insert that imitates the erratic flash of a fleeing shad

● The bait has a lively tapered tail that comes to life with the slightest manipulation

Model 3001L
7.5cm / 10cm
Weight 1.3g / 3.0g
7.5cm- 6pcs/bag
10cm- 6pcs/bag

Product Codes:
7.5cm 1.3g 001, 002, 003, 004 10cm 3g 001, 002, 003, 004

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